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Working With DXF Files

A DXF file (or Drawing Exchange Files) is a vector file (remember that “Vector” refers to the cuttable lines in your design) that has become a popular file type because there are so many different programs that can open them. The great thin

Using Different File Types

There are so many file extensions that are out there. A few that will directly import that are vector formats are Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw files. Vector formats are files that are created with the same concept as our software; they are vector li

Using Different Versions of Software

You do not need to install the original Inspiration Studio software on your computer in order to install the Inspiration Pro software. If you have purchased the Pro version and you have the original software installed on your computer, the Pro version

Registering Your Inspiration Studio Pro Software

One of the Inspiration Studio Pro’s new features is that you do not need to have the Inspiration plugged in to your computer in order to create and save. Instead of requiring the Inspiration or a key (dongle) to be plugged in to your computer in

Image too Large for Page Size Error When Using Your 12x24 Mat

One of the reasons we have the updates on our website is because these updates not only update the hardware of the Inspiration itself, they also give you added enhancements and features to the Inspiration Studio Software. One of the features is the abi

"Invalid Argument" Error

Ever had the sensation that a little cat nap could be just the ticket you need to get you through your day? Well the same kind of principal applies when working with your Inspiration Studio software. The software is working so hard to remember your eve

Saving Images to the Image Gallery

1. Open your file 2. Press Ctrl+A to select your entire image (Ctrl+A is the shortcut for “Select All”) 3. Open your image gallery 4. You can create a new catalog by selecting “Create” 5. In your image gallery a new catalog will a

Using Your Pazzle Cutting Files

There are a number of different CD’s available for purchase here in the Craft Room in our online store. When we launched the Inspiration we also launched new CD’s you could purchase as well. Since the new CD’s would have the ability to

Using the Auto Save Function in the Inspiration Studio Pro Software

The first thing you’ll want to do is check that you have the Save feature turned on. Go up to “Settings” drop down menu and then down to “Setup”. In the window that opens select the “Save” tab, from that window

Images Disappearing from Image Gallery

Those trusty updates found on our website at do so much for us as Inspiration users. Just simply walking through the software update will actually cause the images in the gallery to reappear. I’ve even done a simple uninstall and

Installing Image CD's to Your Image Gallery

When we designed the Inspiration we also took the opportunity to redesign our software. Pazzles software has always been the leader in the industry, but we wanted to try and make it even better. One of the awesome features we added to the software is t

Opening Downloaded Cutting Files

If you have just downloaded a file from our image library, you are given an option to save it to a specific location. I’ve created a folder in My Documents called “Pazzles Downloads”. This helps me keep track of all the images that I&r

How Many Versions of Software Do You Need?

You do not need to install the original Inspiration Studio software on your computer in order to install the Inspiration Pro software. If you have purchased the Pro version and you have the original software installed on your computer, the Pro version

Basic Function Tool Bar

The Basic Function tool bar plays an import part to the software as it holds the Type, Special Effects, Draw, the Image Gallery as well as the Auto Trace, WYSIWYG, and the Cut Project ability. I hear from a few Inspiration users a week who call up in a

How to Locate Your Basic Functions Tool Bar

Your Basic Functions Tool Bar, are the colorful icons that run down the right side of your screen and give you short cuts to the Image Gallery, Shapes, and Cutting Control Panel. Although this tool bar is called your Basic Functions, you are able to b

Software Aborting and Shutting Down

Keep the programs you have running in the background of your computer to a minimum. Devices plugged into your computer can cause the software to “hanging up” because they're demanding power from your computer. You may find that the software is

What is a Dongle Key?

Every copy of our software needs to be authenticated in some way in order to use all of the software features – this protects our software from being illegally copied and keeps costs down for everyone.How the Inspiration Studio Software is Authenticated T

Using the Pre-Programmed Settings in the Cutting Control Panel

While the question seems like it deems a simple answer, the fact is there are so many different types of paper that one setting to work on all of them wouldn’t be realistic. Most cardstock will cut well with a blade setting between 1 1/2-2 and a

Using a "Dongle" Security Key With Your Software

Before we launched the Inspiration Pro 2010 software we were carrying a version of software called “On the Go” which included a key that is called a dongle. This allowed you to open, create and save all without requiring that your Inspirati

Installing the Inspiration Studio software on a Netbook

1. Create a folder on your USB drive, such as “Inspiration Studio Install” 2. Copy the entire contents of your Inspiration Studio CD to the folder you created in step 1. This should include all of the files and folders listed below: AutoPla

Windows 7

If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 but have seen that a couple of people have had trouble you might think you can’t run your software on Windows 7. However here at Pazzles we carefully tested Windows 7 before publicly announcing that our softwa

Installing Inspiration Studio Pro software

It is not necessary to do an uninstall of the original version of software before installing the Pro since the Pro version will actually install over top of the original Inspiration Studio software. Please note that you will want to make sure you’ve backe

Media Settings in the Cutting Control Panel

In your Cut Control Panel you can do just that. Let’s say you’ve found a new paper line and you’ve finally mastered which settings work the best for you, or maybe you’re like me and just forgot which settings you used the last ti

In Software Manual

What happens when you’re traveling for crops and forgot to pack your Inspiration manual? Problem solved! Did you know that there is an in software manual included in your software? To locate the manual in your software click on “Help” and go down to “Help

Installing Pazzles Cutting Image Disks

When we launched the Inspiration we also launched new CD’s you could purchase as well. Since the new CD’s would have the ability to download in to your Inspiration Studio Image Gallery they included a PIC file. This PIC file allows you to p

Exporting Cutting Files

Your cutting files are saved in a format called .wpc which is a special file type that only the Pazzles software can open. Saving your cutting files as a .bmp file or .jpg file is a great way to make a copy of your file that can be shared with people who

Disappearing Toolbars

Go up to “View” drop down menu at the top of your screen and click on “Tool Bars”. This will bring up a list of all the tool bars in the software. If you put a check next to them the tool bar will appear on your screen. The toolbar that people most often

Using the Online Designer Chat

If you’re in the middle of working on a project and have a quick how to question, jump online and ask a Pazzles representative. We are always happy to answer your questions and help you complete those last minute projects. Designer chat can help you loca

Powering Off Your Inspiration in the Middle of a Cut Job

All of us at one time or another have worked on a project and quickly needed to cancel our cut job. You can simply click “Pause” on your cutter if changing out the paper on your mat is the only adjustment you need to make. However, if you’ve sent a cut re