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Issue 63: Ensuring Asia’s Water Future (March 2016)

Ensuring Asia’s Water Future ADB, Timor-Leste Launch Water Supply, Sanitation Plans for 4 Towns Timor-Leste and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have announced major water supply and sanitation investment plans for the towns of Baucau, Lospalos, Same, and Viqueque. ADB Loan to Help Upgrade Man

Issue 61: Innovating Irrigation to Feed Asia's Future Generations (September 2015)

Innovating Irrigation to Feed Asia's Future Generations Who’s growing tomorrow’s food? Find out at ADB’s Asian Irrigation Forum 2015 Blog: Who will grow Asia’s food for tomorrow? Asia’s changing diets and demographics are prompting the irrigation sector to innovate on systems, technologies, and

Issue 56: Against All Floods (July 2013)

http://www.adb.org/water Issue 56, July 2013 Against All Floods Asia’s fast developing cities, often located on rivers and natural drainage systems, are increasingly exposing people and property to flood risks. While industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural development in these river b