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Does Achieve Planner sync with iPad?

  • Author: Effexis Support
  • Create Time: 04/16/2012 10:24:35
  • Last Update Time: 04/16/2012 10:24:35
 There is no direct sync between Achieve Planner and iPad at this time.
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Manju   09/14/2015 20:06:01  
[Comment Only]   Do you have any way to sync with Android phone/tablet these tasks; Now I  am not connected to PC all the time<br />
Rita Koller   11/04/2013 06:30:32  
[Helpful]   I will be leaving my position here in the near future.  Can I transfer my data planner to my IPad or my Nook?
richardwinter   09/28/2012 08:41:22  
[Helpful]    I love Achieve Planner but I spend 25%-50% of my time away from my office with little or no access to my PC.    During this time, I use my ipad.    It would be of huge value to me to have Achieve Planner on my ipad.    If you don't make the program available on the ipad, I'm sure I will eventually switch to a program that is.   <br /><br />There is a possibility that I will also get a windows tablet when they are available for Windows 8, so that might represent a fallback option.<br /><br />Please offer your product on a tablet, preferably the ipad.<br />