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Empowering Parents Child Behavior Help

  • Author: Marianne Léger
  • Create Time: 08/06/2013 13:01:40
  • Last Update Time: 02/02/2016 13:39:12

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Dear Reader,

There’s probably a good reason you’ve found Empowering Parents. You’re here because you want to change your child’s behavior—and you want to learn some real parenting techniques that work.

Empowering Parents has been giving our readers “straight talk and real results” since 2007. We are committed to providing parents and caregivers with sound advice using the same Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles that The Total Transformation and our other programs are based upon.

So what will you discover when you read our award-winning Empowering Parents website and newsletter? You won’t find generic advice about parenting. You won’t see tons of ads for kids’ clothing and toys. And we don’t have pictures of celebrity moms going grocery shopping. But what we do have is priceless: content you can use to help turn around your child’s behavior, right away.

If you’re looking for real parenting advice that works, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do our experts tell it like it is, they give you honest, practical, effective advice that you can start using today. On our blog, in our article comments section and on our Facebook page, you’ll find other parents who are dealing with the same issues you’re dealing with right now. When you become part of the EP community, you’ll experience what many of our parents say: “It’s like you’ve been looking in the windows of my house and know my family. I am starting to parent differently and my kids’ behavior is finally changing. And best of all, I don’t feel alone anymore.”

Empowering Parents: Straight talk, real results in a judgment-free zone. Thanks for visiting us. We’re glad you’re here.

Elisabeth Wilkins, Editor

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