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I don’t usually drink soymilk, I like almond milk.

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 02/16/2012 15:42:20
  • Last Update Time: 02/16/2012 15:42:20
The SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker is more than just a soymilk maker; it is an extremely versatile machine! Not only can it make great tasting soymilk, but it can also make countless other milks, including almond and other nut milks, multi-grain milks, seed milks, and bean milks. You’ll be amazed at the machine’s capabilities! The SQ930P’s Grind Right Technology™ ensures a Perfect Grind Every Time™, no matter what the ingredients. The included manual features several great nut milk recipes like SoyQuick Almond Milk™ to get you started right away. You will easily be able to make delicious almond milks right in your own kitchen with the SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker.
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