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Sandbox Learning - Personalized Social Stories

  • Author: Liz Green
  • Create Time: 01/08/2013 14:24:13
  • Last Update Time: 01/09/2013 11:10:48

Personalized materials for each child are the ideal for learning and development.  Sandbox Learning is dedicated to developing fun and engaging stories that help parents and professionals meet this need.  Our collection of personalizable children’s books addresses skills essential for development and truly allows children to identify with these skills through the personalization.  Explore the website to see how Sandbox Learning can provide your children with Customized Tools That Connect them to their goals, their community, and the world around them.

​Story Selections

Children’s printable e-books includes topics for working on emotional development, social skills, behavioral skills, communication skills, safety skills, and daily living skills. The text and images of the stories are personalizable for each child. Multiple profiles can be created to use Success Stories with every child in your family or classroom. Save the profiles to create additional books without re-entering all new information. Print as often as you like to create books for home and school. Story subscriptions last for one year.

Try out a Free Story!
Go to and click on the changing character icon on the right side of the screen to register for a free story, Waiting, which discusses patience.' There also is a video on YouTube that shows registering, logging in, creating profiles, and printing:

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