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  • Author: Liz Green
  • Create Time: 01/22/2013 13:50:32
  • Last Update Time: 01/22/2013 14:03:59

SibKids Yahoogroup

SibKids is the internet's first listserv for young brothers and sisters of people with special health, developmental, and emotional needs.

SibKids is also a great place to meet other young brothers and sisters from around the world. On SibKids, members talk about their siblings with special needs, favorite music, friends, local sports teams, school—just about anything!

SibKids members say they enjoy talking about the good parts and not-so-good parts of having a sib with special needs with other kids who "get it!" After all, no one knows what it is like to be a sib of a kid with special needs better than another sib!

Parents and adult sibs are welcome to join SibKids as long as they primarily listen and learn from the young members. Having adults on the list helps keep SibKids safe. All kids and parents must read the SibKids Rules of the Road!

Just click on the purple button to subscribe to SibKids!

Click here to join SibKids

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