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What about the cost and quality of your whole grains?

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 11/29/2012 14:31:20
  • Last Update Time: 11/29/2012 14:31:20
Question:. If I purchase my whole grains through Millers Grain House, how does the price of your grain compare to purchasing whole grains from my local health food store? Is the whole grain that I purchase from Mills Grain a better quality than the grain that may have been sitting in the grain bins at the store?

Answer: Price for our retail boxes is slightly lower than that of a health food store.
The price for the bulk route* (a monthly ordering cycle) is considerably lower.

Because we order in bulk only what each person wants, the bulk food has not 'sat' around waiting for people to empty the inventory (as in a health food store with stock), plus we have close to 1300 items to choose from so variety is more available through a bulk order with us. Most all grains are triple washed and we offer an organic and/or chemical-free, non-gmo option of most all grains.
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