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We are constantly moving forward into the future and sometimes it feels, at an alarming rate ! Do you ever wonder if we change past history by not knowing it? Time passes so quickly and we are speeding forward perhaps without ever looking back.

Our Andalusian horse is ancient and its history romantic. Have you ever wondered what that history is, or if we are wise to try to rewrite it?

Today we as modern individuals we each get involved in new ventures or areas from time to time, and we usually start progressing from the day we moved in. We base how we move forward and what we believe on the day we joined in without ever really considering what happened before we came on the scene.  

 Some things are very progressive and we should move forward with them to improve and advance. Medicine, electronics or automobiles are examples of positive improvement, and no one wants to stay in the dark ages when it comes to those things. However there are things that are negatively impacted by changing their history and may be better off left as is. 

We all know of the heated controversies created when certain things are changed or modified that we feel will adversely affect our world. Food production, water quality, even new laws that negate the history of our country are now leaving us very uneasy. When at first we thought the change was unimportant we later find out those changes are having a negative impact that we didn't anticipate. To strive for change, by declining to remember there was a historic reason for what was, might not be wise. This is a concern to us, loosing the history of the Andalusian.

 With the noble Andalusian breed that has such a rich history lets think carefully before we forget that history in favor of a new story for this horse. In other words we should look back before going forward and at least learn its history and think about preserving it.

If you have a desire to know where your breed came from and why this is so important, take a look through our website at the romantic and beautiful history of the Andalusian. You might be surprised and we hopeā€¦ inspired!      

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For a limited time, The Association of the Foundation Andalusian would like to extend a valuable invitation to all Purebred and Partbred Andalusian Horse Owners.  

With your new or renewed membership to AFAH we will issue a registration certificate free of charge for all horses already registered with the IALHA, Foundation for the PRE, APSL or ANCEE (and some other approved registries).  

Just pay your membership fee either by mail or conveniently online, and send us a copy - front and back - of your current registration document (In some cases additional information may be required), and we will issue you a beautiful new Gold Foil certificate that will surely be an exquisite addition to your registrations folder! 

* Lower overall fees than other registries!
* Lower full membership fee ! 
* Lower registration fee for older horses ! (see special offer on registration page) 
* Microships are NOT Required !! (Savings of microchip costs, vet costs and stress on your
* No membership requirement to transfer a horse! 

We are a ENJOYABLE place to register your horse!  
We will have a friendly atmosphere and support our members, breeders and horses! 

We will NOT have politics or drama!

We will always defend and protect all horses in the registry and the Andalusian breed itself ! 
With your membership you get:
Subscription to Alliance Source Magazine 
A beautifully produced magazine dedicated to the Iberian Horse

Membership card and Beautiful Window Sticker

Members pay foal prices to register any horse (See special offer) 

Every Tenth horse registration or transfer is FREE for members
$100 Discount on a professional Photography Shoot at your farm 

15% Discount on registration with Microchip ID Equine, Inc. 
(MIcrochips are not traceable if the horse is lost or stolen unless you list them with an equine recovery program) 

If you have questions about the breed, the people, the horses, just ask us. If you need help preparing paperwork or horses for registration just ask us.
If you want to talk about the history or just the wonderful Andalusian and how this horse could have a home in your barn, just talk to us! 
We are here to help you with any need you may have. We can guide you through the registration process, and suggest to you ideas and options to help you show your horse.
We can even help you locate the horse of your dreams!
We have a team of very experienced horse owners and breeders that can help with questions on everything from breeding, foaling, training, showing, photographing, videoing, marketing and just enjoying your Andalusian horse!
 We're here to help and glad to do it !  




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