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  Android Chat - Auto Logout Problem
Posted: 01/04/2012 08:25:41

I have 2 different Androids, on two different non contract service providers.

Comm100, other than some minor bugs, work perfectly fine on my Virgin Mobile (Sprint) 3g plan with an LG Optimus V phone.
Android 2.2.1 - Kernel - Build FRG83

However, I recently purchased a new 4g phone from T-mobile. On this phone Comm100 seems to auto logout after about 10 minutes of the phone being idle.
It will display that comm100 is running in the notification area, but when I reopen it, it is sitting back at the login screen.
Phone Model - Samsung Exhibit II 4g - Android 2.3.5 - Kernel #3 - Build GINGERBREAD.VKJ1

I have seen another similar thread about this, last night, but was unable to locate it again.

  Re:Android Chat - Auto Logout Problem
Posted: 01/04/2012 13:29:05

I may have found the issue.
T-Mobile is installing a task manager widget, on these phones called "Task Manager"

While it did not appear to auto kill tasks, it definitely seems to have a compatibility problem with comm100.

Once I got rid of the desktop widget for "Task Manager" my issue appears to have dissapeared.
I have replaced the task manager app with one from Norton called Norton Utilities, and have added comm100 to the exception list, and it appears to be running smoothly now.

  Re:Android Chat - Auto Logout Problem
Posted: 02/04/2012 05:06:48

Looks like I was a bit hasty in my post above.
The Task Manager appears to be a part of the Gingerbread OS, and continues to run in the background, even when the widget is removed.

What I have noticed, is that if I keep the comm100 app in the foreground, it seems to work fine, even when the phone is idle. However, it will logout when I start multitasking; browsing the web, using other apps, taking calls, etc.. The trick is to keep the app from moving into the background.

  Re:Android Chat - Auto Logout Problem
Posted: 02/04/2012 05:16:10

Dear SiteRack_net,

Thanks for your prompt update.

We are looking into this issue and will pinpoint the problem. :)

Thanks again for your information.


  Re:Android Chat - Auto Logout Problem
Posted: 02/04/2012 11:20:18

Just some more info you and the developers.
I rooted the phone, and killed(froze, not removed) the task killers/managers.

The auto logout issue persists even when the task managers are disabled.

  Re:Android Chat - Auto Logout Problem
Posted: 04/04/2012 22:40:18

Thanks for your information, SiteRack_net. Smile

  Re:Android Chat - Auto Logout Problem
Posted: 08/04/2012 08:44:34


I feel your frustration. I have a few threads as well as others covering the same issue which doesnt seem to have much priority.

I can confirm and agree with a few points you have mentioned.

1. I also have t-mobile. I have read users on other carriers do not have issues. This may be the reasdon why this is not yet resolved. It seems that us t-mobile users are alone. So I think that it is safe to say that this is a t-mobile specific issue. Anyone else that is reading this please confirm by adding to this thread.

2. App does work as long as it is in the foreground as you mentioned. As soon as you multi-task you get logged out. This appears to not be phone specific because other users and including myself have different handsets with the same issue. I myself have an lg g2x with GB 2.3.3.

I like your proactive approach in trying to reverse engineer the problem. I have the same mentality. Perhaps you and I can put our heads together and work the problem together. Maybe then if we present our combined evedence we can be heard. Also depending on where you live we could even go off the forum for communication for a faster pace. Let me know what you think. I really would like use this solution.


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