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Upgrade 4000...

4000 Face Plate Router Upgrade

  • Author: Karl
  • Create Time: 02/25/2011 21:36:53
  • Last Update Time: 01/22/2013 16:45:38

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    Upgrade Header

Kit Part Number 26-5907-02 

 The following instructions are for upgrading from the DW610 (DEW610) to the DW616 (DEW616) on the 4000 Machining Center Face Plate Router.


Why do I need to upgrade?

 The Dewalt DW610 has not been manufactured sense Jan. 1 2003. This includes the BD3315 and all other Dewalt products that use the same family of castings. The router that Dewalt is building to replace the DW610/612 is the DW616/618. The DW616 has all new castings. However, the diameter of the router motor is the same as the DW610. That means that the DW616 can be used in the same router base as the DW610 and it will retrofit into most applications where the DW610 and BD3315 were used. There are a few things about the DW616 that keep the retrofit from being a direct replacement in this application.


 1. The router motor is about ½” longer then the DW610.

 This is an issue on the 4000 faceplate router. The DW610 is already a close fit. The DW616 being an extra ½” longer means that you will need to use a shorter shaft for the bit. Even with the shorter shaft the router will not move back far enough to make a correct mortise depth. It is necessary to add a depth stop rod to adjust the mortise depth.

2. There is no gear rack on the DW616.

The depth adjustment on the DW616 is accomplished with a large adjusting ring on the body of the router. The gear drive micrometer has been eliminated. The DW616 can be used in the FPR casting with the adjusting ring removed. The micrometer is used only to clamp the router motor into the casting.

3. The strain reliever on the cord is larger.

The reason the strain reliever is larger is that the cord plugs into the router motor. The combination of the plug and the strain reliever makes a much larger unit. While the ability to unplug the cord from the router motor is an advantage the cord must be positioned correctly to avoid the slide rods.

 Face Plate Router 

4000 FPR with DW610 router



  1. Disconnect and lock out all power to the machine.
  2. Remove item # 9 and #14. Also remove the router motor from part #7. (See illustration above) These parts will be discarded. All the other parts in this assembly will be reused.
  3. Remove the adjusting ring from the DW616 and install the new router bit and shank. The bit should extend about 7/8” out from the collet nut.
  4. Install the DW616 in the face plate router casting and position the cord so that it is toward the in feed end of the machine. Route the cord into the drill section loom.
  5. Install part #24 FPR end plate and part #10 plunge cylinder bracket along with part #11 plunge stop rod and #13 stop nut. (See illustration below) The stop rod (#11) is mounted to the cylinder bracket (#10) through the lower hole and is held by one hex nut on each side of the bracket.
  6. Position the router motor in the casting so that it is as far back (toward the back of the machine) as it will go.
  7. Run a test door and measure the mortise depth. Adjust the stop nut (#13) as necessary.


Parts List:

1       15-174             Dewalt DW616 Router Motor

1       5554-006         FPR End Plate

1       5554-100         Plunge Cylinder Bracket

1       9511-500         Stop Rod

1       5500-004         Stop Nut

3       HN3/8-16        3/8” -16 Hex Nut


4000 Face Plate Router

 4000 FPR With DW616 Router



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