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As an Affiliate/Reseller, How Much May I Earn and When Will I Get Paid?

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 09/12/2011 15:18:19
  • Last Update Time: 09/13/2011 16:36:16

I set a general rule to let my Affiliates/Resellers to earn a minimum of 50% of my offered items (digital products/services). So, this is the minimum percentage I offer for most of my launched items.

But I may offer more than that percentage for certain product, also for crtain Affiliates/Resellers. I mean if I plan to launch a new product and I find that it should be interesting to offer 70% as a commission, for instance, I'll do it, plus the commission percantage of the same product/service may increase from an affiliate/reseller to another, since the efforts and results put from everyone to realize sales will be differents, so the more sales generated from certain affiliates/resellers, the higher commissions they will benefit from.

By using this formula, it will encourage everyone to bring more buyers to the products/services I offer to get an increase in their share of the sale. I may increase this percentage to 85%.

I'd like to let you know that until now I use Click2Sell and PaySpree to run my Affiliates/Resellers Programs with all of my offers (either services or products).

PaySpree uses the instant payment method, which means for any sale achieved, you will receive your earning transfered to your virtual account immediatly. Refunds, Chargebacks are calculated and handled by system itself. You may use PayPal, Moneybookers, and AlertPay to receive your funds (wrote in Sept. 2011). For further information, please visit the Website.

Click2Sell uses a different system, the plan I use allows them to handle the payment of my Affiliates, quote from their own website "Click2Sell will pay all your affiliates every Tuesday with a delay of 14 days - transaction clearance period" Unquote. You may find this on their blog too from this clickable link. Which means, right after a period of 2 weeks and my sale is not refunded, the commissions will be paid on the next Tuesday for all my affiliates. You will recive your funds through PayPal, Moneybookers, or wire-transfer.

Please check each Affiliate/Reseller webpage I offer with all my offers in order to know exactly the share of the sale you will receive, when you will receive it, by which mean, and the tools offered for you to promote the items.

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Rahul   10/24/2017 08:07:12  
[Helpful]   I liked you products . And want to buy it . But the problem i see is duplicated content. there close to 15 website having the same duplicate content. I think Google will penalize or will not rank your website Any solution to this. ThanksRahul.
Olaf   05/26/2012 11:58:21  
[Helpful]   Stop this NONCENSE!!!!!
Olaf   05/26/2012 11:57:42  
[Comment Only]   Stop this noncense!!!!!