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Samen met haar partners Outdare en ZeroDowntime, zijn wij een intensieve campagne gestart ter promotie en ondersteuning van de unieke mogelijkheden van SugarCRM. Sugar Suite is leverbaar in 3 varianten: 1.Sugar Open Source Standaard zeer compleet. Modules

CRM Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Executive Overview The way companies use and pay for customer relationship management (CRM) applications is changing. Moving from a predominantly perpetual license-based system, where companiespaid a large up-front sum and then smaller annual maintenance

Welke factoren spelen een rol bij de keuze van een CRM pakket?

Evaluating the right CRM for your business includesmany factors. Total cost of ownership is but one of these factors. However, the importance of TCO increases when you consider thelifecycleof the CRMdeployment. Choosing aninexpensive, entry-level CRM may