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Niche Website Installation Steps

The Niche WebSite are highly monetized targeted websites, they are built around specific keywords, and filled with monetary source, such as Adsense, Amazon, ClickBank, Click2Sell, and I plan to vary/add other ways of incomes to my partners. Please Click H

When will I get paid my earning?

As far as the earnings through Click2Sell, you will receive your incomes 14 days after the sale occurs (this is due to Clearance Period to cover any refund request). You may refer to this Entry on Click2Sell Blog to read more. For the Other Programs pleas

Will I Get approved by all the Programs Offered in Niche Sites?

For Click2Sell ClickBank, you will have your IDs instantly. For the Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Programs, their teams need to check the Web Site before giving their feed-back. Please submit to them the Main Website URL (ie, that sho

How Much Will I earn from These Programs Offered on The Niche Sites?

The Adsense Program is a Pay Per Click one. This means, you will earn each time a visitor clicks on one of the Advertisements. They offer 68% for Advertisement of Content. The Amazon Affiliate Program is based on pay per acquisition. Meaning, each time a

What Rights Do I Have once I buy/Have for Free these Niche Web Sites?

Once You Have the Web Site, you will have Private Label Rights. This means, you may do whatever you want with them.