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How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset the password at the User Login page. Step by Step Instructions: Step 1: Go to our home page at and click User Login; Step 2: Click Forgot your password,enter your email and click OK; ​ Step 3

What is Site Email and how to change it to another address?

The first person, on behalf of your organization, to sign up for Comm100 product(s) becomes the first site administrator. During signing up, the first site administrator is required to enter an email address and set up a password. When the registration p

How to manually convert a chat to a ticket during the chat session?

If the option Automatically create a ticket when a chat request is accepted by operator has not been enabled, operators can manually convert a chat to a new ticket or attach the chat to an existing ticket in the Live Chat Visitor Monitor window. The in

Can I use a different page style for my Comm100 applications?

Page Style defines the front-end page presentation style of your Comm100 Applications, including Comm100 Email Marketing, Comm100 Ticket, Comm100 Help Desk, Comm100 Knowledge Base and Comm100 Forum Hosted. It is easy for you to switch a page style to a

How to edit my Site Profile?

Site Profile is your organization's profile information. Any operators can view this profile but only administrators can edit the profile. All your registration information will be automatically added into the appropriate fields in Site Profile page. Th

How to cancel a Comm100 account?

Cancel a Trial Account When the account is still in trial period,please send your cancellation request from your registration email (the email address you provided when signing up for Comm100) to so that we can cancel it for you. Can

How to add my own custom pic or logo in the forum header?

With Comm100 Forum, you can tailor the Header Footer settings according to your needs. For example, you can add your own custom picture or log in the header or footer of your forum. To edit the header and footer of your forum, you can choose from eithe