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How to make my chat button show online?

After pasting the code onto your website, the status of the chat button will be Offlineuntil you log into Visitor Monitor. You need to log into Visitor Monitor to make your live chat button shown Online. Currently, there are two editions: Comm100 Web-ba

How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset the password at the User Login page. Step by Step Instructions: Step 1: Go to our home page at and click User Login; Step 2: Click Forgot your password,enter your email and click OK; ​ Step 3

How to put a chat button in my Knowledge Base or Forum?

You can put a chat button into the home page of your Comm100 Knowledge Base and Forum. You just need to copy and paste the HTML chat code without JavaScript into the Header Footer part. Note: JavaScript is not supported in the Comm100 built-in HTML edi

What are the system requirements of Comm100 Live Chat?

The system requirements of Comm100 Live Chat are composted of three parts: Requirement on Server Side, Requirement on Visitor Side and Requirement on Operator Side. Requirement on Server Side No Requirement on the Server Side Comm100 Live Chat is hosted

How to enable JavaScript in a web browser?

Enabling JavaScript is required for some Comm100 features to work. Below are specific instructions on enabling JavaScript in your browser. If your browser isn't listed, please consult its help resources. Internet Explorer 6.0+ Click the Tools icon; Selec

Can I have sound alert when new visitors come to my site?

Yes. You can get sound alert when there are new visitors landing on your web pages with the Comm100 Live Chat code. The sound alert can be customized in your Visitor Monitor window. Step by Step Instructions: 1. Log into your site account and click Ge

How to quickly get started with Comm100 Live Chat?

Comm100 Live Chat is hosted by Comm100. We take care of all the hardware, software, backup and maintenance work on the server side to simplify your IT infrastructure, so that you can have more time to spend on running your business. ​ It is easy for you

Is Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor Desktop App available for me?

Yes, Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor Desktop App is available for you. Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor Desktop App is released to satisfy different business needs. It works with all major operating systems includi

Where to download the desktop app of Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor?

Comm100 provides desktop app of Visitor Monitor. After you download and install the desktop app on your machine, an iconshows up on your screen. You can click on the icon to directly log into your Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor. Desktop App Download p

What is Comm100 Live Chat about?

Comm100 Live Chat is the enterprise-grade live chat software for website. It is delivered as a SaaS application and hosted by Comm100. Comm100 live chat software allows your website visitors to chat live with your customer support and sales represent

How to manage my canned messages/URL?

Canned Messages are pre-defined messages in your account. For instance, a canned message might be an answer to a frequently asked question. During a chat, an operator can pick out canned messages and send them to the visitor, which helps the operator to

Can I remove Comm100 'powered by' image?

Yes, you can remove Comm100 Powered By image by upgrading your live chat edition to Comm100 Live Chat Enterprise.​ With Comm100 Live Chat Enterprise edition, the "Powered by Comm100" images or/and texts is removed from your chat button, chat window, pre

Can I use a different page style for my Comm100 applications?

Page Style defines the front-end page presentation style of your Comm100 Applications, including Comm100 Email Marketing, Comm100 Ticket, Comm100 Help Desk, Comm100 Knowledge Base and Comm100 Forum Hosted. It is easy for you to switch a page style to a

Can I monitor my site visitors?

Yes. With Comm100 Live Chat, you can monitor your site visitors in real time as long as you have pasted the live chat code with javascript on your website. The information you can get about your site visitors includes: Visitor Id, Department, Keywords,

How can I monitor and chat with my site visitors?

With Comm100 Live Chat, you need to log into Visitor Monitor to monitor and chat with your site visitors. Step by Step Instructions: Step 1. Log into your Comm100 account; Step 2. Click on Get Online Chat in the Live Chat module; After that, you can

How to identify the code plan I am using on my web page?

You can create multiple code plans in your site account. Each code plan has a unique Id number so that you can easily identify your plans. To see which plan is being used on your web page, you can click on your chat button and see the Plan Id number in t

Can I see from where the visitors come to my website?

Yes. In Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor window, operators can easily see from where visitors has come to your website. Please refer to a sample page of the Visitor Monitor window as below: Note:If a visitor comes to you by typing the URL of your we

Does Comm100 Live Chat support multi-operators?

Yes. You can add unlimited operators into an account and have multiple support representatives to take care of the live chat service. ​ For how to add an operator, please refer to:

Live Chat Best Practices Top 10

Whether you’re a Live Chat pro or whether you’re just beginning to implement your Live Chat programs, there are some basic live chat best practices that you can use to make sure that you’re using live chat (and Intelligent Auto Invitation features) to enh

How to change my display name which is shown to my website visitors when I am chatting with them?

Display name is the name you have set for youself which is shown to your website visitors when you are chatting with them. You can easily change your display name in your Comm100 account. Here is how to change your display name: Step by Step Instruct

Price Information of Comm100 Live Chat for small and medium businesses

For small and medium businesses, Comm100 provides three live chat plans for you to choose from. They are Team, Business and Business with MaximumOn plans. And the price varies if you purchase multiple operators. Below is the detailed price for multi

What's New with Comm100 Live Chat 7.3?

Comm100 Live Chat 7.3 is to be released Sept.23rd,2013. Learn what's new with the coming version in minutes. 1. Improved code plan configurations ​a) Simplified Chat Button Configurations ​b) Simplified Chat Window Configurations ​c) Retired the Email co