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How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset the password at the User Login page. Step by Step Instructions: Step 1: Go to our home page at and click User Login; Step 2: Click Forgot your password,enter your email and click OK; ​ Step 3

How to put a chat button in my Knowledge Base or Forum?

You can put a chat button into the home page of your Comm100 Knowledge Base and Forum. You just need to copy and paste the HTML chat code without JavaScript into the Header Footer part. Note: JavaScript is not supported in the Comm100 built-in HTML edi

Does the HTML editior in Comm100 products support CSS?

Yes. But only Inline CSS code is supported in Comm100 Email Marketing, Comm100 Knowledge Base, Comm100 Forum hosted and Comm100 Ticket. Inline CSS means that you must place CSS right in the thick of your HTML code. Inline CSS is built in to every HTML t

How can I customize the Header & Footer for my Comm100 Products?

All Comm100 products are customizable. You can tailor the Header Footer settings of these products according to your needs. For example, you can add your own custom picture or logo into the header or footer of your help desk, forum and knowledge base.

Can I use a different page style for my Comm100 applications?

Page Style defines the front-end page presentation style of your Comm100 Applications, including Comm100 Email Marketing, Comm100 Ticket, Comm100 Help Desk, Comm100 Knowledge Base and Comm100 Forum Hosted. It is easy for you to switch a page style to a

How to integrate the forum with your website?

With Comm100 Forum hosted, you can embed the forum with your website. Step-by-Step Instructions: Step1. Log into your site account; Step2. Go to the Forum module; Step3. Click Website Integration; Step4. Copy the code and paste it onto your website anyw