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What support is available for and

At every stage of your navigation on the website you can be guided by the information and FAQ. In addition, there are several methods of product support, including e-mail or LiveChat functionality that provide around the clock online support.

What is, The World Virtual Cemetery? is the World Virtual Cemetery. It is a website with no advertising, no data sharing. A virtual cemetery designed to allow people to visit your virtual memorial , your I-Tomb, after your death, pay their respects, think of you and remember y

What is is a website that enable you to prepare and manage your legacy. is a safe, secure repository for digital information and documents that allows you to build your own virtual memorial, lets you pass on posthumous messages and

What is My Safe Deposit Box?

The safe deposit box is a secured storage space where you can store and retrieve confidential documents during your lifetime. Things that you do not want to keep in a home, on a computer, or on disks or storage keys. It is more convenient than a bank safe

What is an I-Tomb ?

From grave stones to digital immortality. An I-Tomb is a virtual tomb, a digital memorial that will be there for as long as your heirs and descendants will want to maintain and preserve your memory, decades, generations or even centuries. I-tombs are made

What is a Tribute and how do I create one on an I-Tomb?

When you visit an I-Tomb, you may create and post a tribute. You may have known the deceased person, want to say something special about them, leave a picture or a text, record a video message or a piece of music that they loved or that you shared. To do

What is a Post Mortem Administrator?

The Post Mortem Administrator is the person you designate to take charge of the administration of your I-Tomb after you depart, or the creator of an I-Tomb for a deceased person himself. Your memory must be maintained for generations. Your memory must be

What is a Funeral Ornament and how do I create one on an I-Tomb?

When you visit an I-Tomb, you have the possibility to chose and light a candle, offer flowers or make incense burn on the Memorial. It is a testimony of your thoughts, of your affection, of your visit. A way to pay your respects, a way of being re-united

What is a Death Declarator?

When you set-up your account with, you are taken through the death Declaration procedure and asked to designate one to three Death Declarators and indicate their identity. If you have chosen more than one Death Declarator, you will have to

What is “My Memorial”? allows you to create My Memorial. BUILD YOUR OWN IMMORTALITY. It is the space of your I-Memorial account where you will Build your own digital memorial, your virtual tomb, by recording audio and video messages, uploading documents, text and

What is “My Last Wishes”?

ORGANIZE YOUR DEPARTURE AND YOUR AFFAIRS. My Last wishes is the space of your account where you will Outline your last wishes and tell the person you will have chosen what you wish for your immediate after death, whether you wish to be

What can I store in my I-Memorial Account?

Anything that you feel is important to leave as your legacy, the story of your life or the way you looked at the world you live in. It is a unique way to share with the future generations your own life experience and what you made of it, with the ultimate

What are “My Messages”?

TELL YOUR LOVED ONES ALL THE THINGS YOU DID NOT HAVE TIME TO SAY. My Messages is the space of your account where you will Configure specific recipients or groups of recipients and record audio or video messages for them to receive after you

Is the same as a will or estate? Or an electronic will?

Not at all. An electronic will replaces a standard will and deals with your physical possessions. It has enforceable legal value in the jurisdiction where you lived. By contrast, is a service that ensures the transmission of your wishes to