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Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • Author: Butnaru Florin
  • Create Time: 06/29/2011 12:20:07
  • Last Update Time: 06/29/2011 12:20:07
1. As the prices of hotels can change frequently, you must contact us by e-mail promptly, but in any case within 24 hours since you made ​​your reservation by Your email should include the following information: your name, reservation number by and website where the lowest fare available. E-mails incomplete or unclear will be considered.

2. Warranty does not apply for same day appointments.

3. The guarantee only applies to a relatively lower price which is available online. Lower rate must be bookable online when you validates the request, within 24 hours of screen pictures are not accepted as proof.

4. Lower rate must be found online for an equivalent room at the same hotel where you booked through, with the same arrival and peccary, and the same booking conditions.

5. Lower rate should be in the same currency.

6. will give you the same price if you book through us has been completed and has not been canceled or subject to a no-show.

7. If the application is unsuccessful and does not comply with our terms and conditions to ensure the lowest fare applicable to our booking terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy.

8. ˝ ˝ lowest price guarantee does not apply to hotel rooms purchased with membership prices, frequent stays, loyalty points or other reward type programs or special promotions of the hotel where the reservation is made.
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