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How Much Will I earn from These Programs Offered on The Niche Sites?

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 09/27/2011 17:46:53
  • Last Update Time: 09/27/2011 17:46:53

The Adsense Program is a Pay Per Click one. This means, you will earn each time a visitor clicks on one of the Advertisements. They offer 68% for Advertisement of Content.

The Amazon Affiliate Program is based on pay per acquisition. Meaning, each time a visitor you refer to them, buys, you will receive a Percentage around 15% and more.

The ClickBank is a per acquisition Program too. The Percentages vary from a seller to another.

The Click2Sell Program, the one I use for these products, offers you 70% of each sale you refer. This Percentage may increase to 80% for the Elite Affiliates.

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