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How to Create a Free Professional WebHosting Account?

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 09/16/2011 23:28:04
  • Last Update Time: 09/17/2011 00:04:43

In order to have a Free Account in the WebHosting Services, please follow these steps:

- Please go to this WebPage

- Once you are there, please Scroll down to the SignUp button

- Once you click on SignUp, you be redirected to the Secure Order Page

- If you want to buy/transfer a domain name, you may do it through this step

- If you want to use an existing domain name, or a subdomain, you may do it in after SignUp

- Please fill the "New Client" form, tick the Terms and Services box that you agree, then continue

- Finally, you will receive a confirmation e-mail asking you to click on a link to confirm your new account

- You will receive an e-mail containing all your access codes, the ones that you will need to upload your files to your new server and by this way your website will be published, the same access codes that will allow you to manage your account. Please save that e-mail.


Now you may use that disk space to upload your files and website. And please check always the offered capacity (disk space and monthly bandwidth), since these information are crucial. In general, 1,000 clicks on your website, may consume 1 Gigabyte of bandwidth (estimation).

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