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Number Machine: How to Change Printer Settings

  • Author: Lucinda
  • Create Time: 08/29/2011 09:06:40
  • Last Update Time: 08/29/2011 09:07:41

The printer adjustments, including printer selection and portrait/landscape adjustment in Number Machine do not function. There is a simple fix to this.

Just close out of Number Machine completely and open your printer's settings inside your Control Panel/Printer Settings.

Make all needed settings the default:

  • You can change printers
  • You can change from portrait to landscape.
  • You can select the paper size and/or feed tray

Click "apply" or "save" and close out of the printer settings.

Restart Number Machine and reopen the job you are trying to print. You do not need to adjust any printer settings inside Number Machine - the job will print directly to the printer and with the settings you just made the defaults.

After completions, remember to go back and change your default settings back.

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Number Machine: Adjusting your printer
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