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Number Machine: Positions 1 - 16

  • Author: Lucinda
  • Create Time: 06/01/2011 13:42:51
  • Last Update Time: 06/03/2011 12:12:12

"Position" refer to the amount of numbering heads that will be printed per page.  You set this amount by filling in values in the sections titled Inches from Left and Inches from Top.  You can have as little as 1, to as many as 16 numbering heads (e.g. No. 0001) per page.

In the sample image below, positions 1 through 3 are turned on, and appear in the Sample column on the right.  Only 3 numbering heads will be printed per page.

Position 1 - 16 Sample Image

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Joe Lagrua   07/21/2012 10:08:35  
[Helpful]   We have an order for PA Daily 4 Digit numer. They want two different numbers on a ticket.<br />Can this be done?