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Transparency problem on PDF images

  • Author: Lucinda
  • Create Time: 02/18/2015 10:45:51
  • Last Update Time: 02/20/2015 11:35:22
Transparent vector images are incompatible with the PDF plugin being used in Number Machine Pro version They will be imported as solid. There are two different ways to overcome this 1) Quickly, or 2) Perfectly

1) The fastest way to fix the tranparency is to open your current PDF in Photoshop, make sure the color settings are set the way you want them (Photoshop tends to default everything to RGB when you probably want grayscale), and resave as a PDF. This will effectively rasterize the whole document. The downside is it may increase the file size and decrease the quality.

(WARNING: Photoshop doesn't interpret PDF margins very well and may alter your intended gutter spacing and finished size. You will likely need to resize the image to get the margins and project size correct before saving and importing into Number Machine Pro.)

2) To fix the transparency while retaining the highest possible resolution you can change the original image from vector to raster using whatever image program it was created in, re-import it into whatever design program was used to make the PDF, and then resave the PDF. This will take a little longer but will give you the best quality output without increasing your file sizes.

After you've done one of those two options you can re-import your PDF and the PDF's images will have the intended transparency.
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