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Welcome To The KnowledgeBase Center

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 09/10/2011 19:22:13
  • Last Update Time: 10/24/2011 00:14:25

Thank You For The Visit To My Support Central Desk.

I tried to make any business transaction with me as smooth as possible by providing all my partners (Customers, JV, Affiliates, Resellers) all the tools, guides, replies to the most frequent issues that we may face.

Thank you again for your visit, and if you do not find any available reply to your suggestions/query, please visit my support desk at RamziSite.Info/support and open a ticket in order to get back to you with the satisfactory response.

Please take into your consideration that all the issues are handled within 24 hours, so please allow me 1-2 day(s) to get back to you with the response to your query; and if you do not receive any feed-back from me within that period, please "hit" the reply button to the confirmation e-mail you received just when you raised/submitted a new ticket.

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