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What Are The Various Rights I May Have?

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 09/10/2011 20:55:39
  • Last Update Time: 09/11/2011 19:49:45

Please find below the main Rights that you may have when you order/have for free any digital item:


Personal Use:

No resell rights. This means that the product is for your own personal use and that under no circumstances are you allowed to resell it.


Giveaway Rights:

Give Away Rights entitles you to pass on a product free of charge and cannot be sold or the resell rights passed on. The purpose of giveaway rights is usually two fold:

1. It allows the author to gain some free viral exposure through other people’s giveaway efforts

2. Although the person giving away the product cannot sell it, it at least allows them to give something free and of value to their customers. This could be a great opportunity to use the product as an incentive for people to join their newsletter list.


Basic Resell Rights:

You only have the right to sell your products to your immediate customer but they cannot in turn sell that product on to theirs. These usually cannot be edited, altered or re-branded. Although the reseller gets to keep 100% of the product sales. These form of rights favor mostly the original author where their links go everywhere their products are promoted giving them free viral marketing through the efforts of resellers.


Master Resell Rights:

Unlike basic resell rights resellers have the ability to sell on the product and resell rights to their customers where they in turn can sell them to theirs. The business opportunity is usually the most appealing because customers know they can make money from it. In most cases like basic resell rights, the product cannot be edited or altered in any way and must be sold in the form it was purchased in.


Private Label Rights:

These are good rights to get hold of. These are more flexible in that you can alter the content and claim yourself as the author. You are not bound by the same terms and conditions as the other resell rights and you’re not promoting the original author but yourself. There however may be some restrictions that come with private label rights and there may be stipulations on how you can and can’t use the content, some examples may be:

- You may not be able to sell the content on auction sites

- You may only give the product for free if sold with a paid product

- You must never sell the product below a certain price

- You may not give the product away free or offer it on membership sites, etc.


Unrestricted Private Label Rights:

These are the best rights you could ever possibly have. It’s the ability to do whatever you want with the content with zero restrictions. Not only can you re-edit and claim yourself as the author but you can also sell the raw source code (which is usually the text in the form of a Word or text document) as is, without editing.

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