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What is the difference between a PICC Line and a Midline catheter?

  • Author: Alice C.
  • Create Time: 11/13/2010 00:48:43
  • Last Update Time: 11/13/2010 00:48:43

Mainly length and the duration of the catheter dwell (length of time the catheter can typically stay in the vein). A Midline is a catheter that is from 3 to 8 inches in length. Upon insertion of a Midline catheter into a vein of the upper extremity; the tip of the Midline lies in the upper arm at or below the axillary vein level distal to the shoulder (see Infusion Nurses Society (INS) 2006 standard #42.3). A PICC line extends from the antecubital area or upper arm with the tip in the superior vena cava. Dwell time of a PICC is longer than the dwell time of the Midline.

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Sharon R. Begay   02/09/2015 21:04:41  
[Helpful]    information was very helpful but also looking for the rationale as to why the PICC heparin lock requires 5 ml 10 units/ml and for a Port 3-5 ml 100 units/ml? 
michelle   12/17/2014 21:44:02  
[Helpful]    great....thank you 
Susie   12/17/2014 14:39:21  
Susie   12/17/2014 14:38:57  
[Helpful]     Very informative & helpful!!! Thank you very much!
Princess   09/04/2013 17:51:57  
[Helpful]   Great
MOSES   05/25/2013 13:55:31  
Bessie H. Green   02/21/2013 18:35:37  
[Helpful]   <p>What length of time would you leave a mid line in a patient?</p>