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Which Rights Do I Have For The Purchased Products?

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 09/10/2011 19:47:01
  • Last Update Time: 10/01/2011 11:29:16

For every product you have purchased from me, you have either Private Label Right, Master Resale Right, or Resale Right, depends on the license provided with it and stated in adavance in the Sales Page.

As a common rule I set for my business, I offer all my customers the full rights to re-sell the materials they've bought from me in order to gain more profits. But, this rule depends totally from the original producer's license (in case if I was not the Original producer of the item/service). As stated above, you will know in advance the rights that you will have with each product from its Sales Page.

If you did not receive any Resale Rights License with your purchased item, please refer to the attached PDF documents here (Master Resale Rights & Private Label Rights Licenses), and use them accordingly.

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