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Getting Started - How to create an account for Co:Writer Universal

Getting started with Co:Writer Universal. Once you have received a verification email from your administrator, click accept and it will take you to to create your account.Select Create AccountChoose how you want to log-in, Click on a "create

How do I get Snap&Read Extension to read a PDF or HTML saved in my Google Drive?

For the SnapRead Extension to read a PDF Doc Complete the following steps: 1- Giving SnapRead access to your files: In order to allow the SnapRead Extension to read PDF or HTML files saved on your computer, or in your Google Drive, an option must be chec

When I open a PDF or HTML file from 'My Documents" in Chrome why can't I use Snap&Read?

When a PDF or HTML file is opened in Chrome from the local file system 'your computer', it is opening in Chrome's viewer not in the SnapRead Extension. This prevents the SNR tool bar from becoming active. ***Chrome Web Store does not allow extensions to

Why does the Snap&Read extension only highlight the first or last word when using the text to speech option?

If you are experiencing the SnapRead extension only highlighting the first or last word when using the text to speech option, you will need to check which voice is selected. You can check or change the voice selection by: right clicking on the extensions

Why does my Snap&Read tool bar disappear after opening a PDF in Chrome?

The SnapRead tool bar is disappearing after opening a PDF in Chrome because the PDF is opening in view mode; and not as a reader. You will know if you are in preview mode if you see an icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of the top right

When using Google Docs, why is the Co:Writer extension deleting the last letter before punctuation?

When you change the zoom settings in Google docs, it changes the context it is sending to the Co:Writer extension. The new context is not reporting the proper cursor location to the Co:Writer extension causing the last letter to be deleted. Solution: Use

I do not see a male voice listed for the Co:Writer Universal Chrome Extension and App, or the Snap&Read Chrome Extension

The voice selection is controlled by Google in Chrome Apps and Extensions. Chrome limits your voice selection to your 'native' voice and any Chrome Voice Extensions you may have installed. The 'native' voice is your OS default voice and can be set thr

Co:Writer iOS v1.3.2 is iOS 8 Compatible

Co:Writer iOS App v1.3.2 is now available at the Apple App Store.This version includes iOS 8 compatibility and is ready for download. If you have purchased a previous version you are entitled to a free upgrade.Just go to the app store or update via iTune'

How do I use the Educator Dashboard?

To view video tutorials on how to use the Educator Dashboard click on the link below Educator Dashboard video Tutorials

When I use Snap&Read Universal, what is causing the highlighting to get out of sync with the speech?

On a Windows PC or Macintosh computer, the SnapRead highlighting can become out of sync with the speech if you are using the Chrome OS voice.'Chrome US English', which is meant for Chrome Books. Make sure native is selected on PC and/ora Mac system voice

PARCC Testing Using Co:Writer Universal Desktop for PC

How do I setup the Co:Writer Universal Desktop version as an accommodation toolpriorto the PARCC Assessment on a PC?Co:Writer Universal has been developed with PARCC testing in mind.**For testing with accommodations,You will need to request the Screen Rea

Why won't the Snap&Read extension allow me to read PDF files from 'My Documents' on my computer?

SnapRead; as well as other Extensions from the Chrome Web Store, Do Not Allow extensions to have access to local documents on your computer. This is done to prevent illegal access to your local computer. Work Around: Launch the Google Chrome BrowserClic

First Author - How to User Guide for Teachers

When in First Author, the user guide can be found under the help tab at the top left corner of your screen, or you can download the PDF file from the attachment below

What is the difference between the Co:Writer Chrome Packaged app & the Chrome extension?

The Co:Writer Chrome App is a self contained Word processor that resides in the Chrome App launcher in your Task Bar (Windows) or Dock (Mac). You can also launch it from the Apps link in your Chrome Browser Bookmarks bar. You can send writings to Google D

Missing Security tab for Windows XP

To display the Security tab1.Open Folder Options in Control Panel.•ClickStart, and then clickControl Panel.•ClickAppearance and Themes, and then clickFolder Options.2.On theViewtab, underAdvanced settings, clearUse simple file sharing [Recommended]. http

Managing apps and extensions

For help with managing Chrome apps and extensions please follow the link below

When I click on a word and then the speaker button, why is Snap&Read not reading?

When using the SnapRead extension to read, you must click the speaker button first to activate the speaker. With activating the speaker, it will attach the speaker button to the cursor, then you can click on a word where you want it to start reading. Thi

Web Based Product Requirements

The attached PDF Document contains support data for Desktop Mobile Operating Systems, Internet Web Browser and Device used with your web based product.

How do I re-enable the Co:Writer 'speech to text' microphone if I denied access the first time?

How do I re-enable the Co:Writer 'speech to text' microphone if I denied access the first time? To re-enable the 'speech to text' microphone follow the steps below:Click on the 'Customize and Control Google Chrome' buttonSelect settingsScroll to the bott

PARCC Testing using CO:Writer 7

How do I set-up Co:Writer 7 as an accommodation tool prior to the PARCC assessment? Co:Writer 7 is an approved accommodation for PARCC testing.**For testing with accommodations,you will need to request the Screen Reader Version of the PARCC exam.To meet

How do I create a topic dictionary with Co:Writer Universal Extension?

The following video will walk you through the different ways of creating topic dictionaries.

Co:Writer, Snap & Read Universal White List access

Please white list the following, before downloading Co:Writer Universal or Snap Read Universal:

Getting Started with uPAR

Click "file attachments" in the bottom right hand corner of the page to access the uPAR Getting Started guide.

Why are the Co:Writer predictions not predicting correctly when using Google Docs?

When using Google Docs, the Co:Writer extension prediction window will not predict correctly if you are using the zoom function in Google Docs. To resolve this issue: 1- Set the zoom function in Google Docs back to 100% 2- Click on the Google 'Customize

I want to add a free voice that works with the Snap&Read extension. Where do I find one?

We suggest browsing through the Chrome Web Store for text-to-speech voices. Our recommendation isUS English Female Text-to-Speech (by Google)

How to use the OCR tool in Snap&Read Universal

Here is a helpful video on how to use the OCR tool in SnapRead Universal:

How to adjust Options in Snap & Read

How to adjust Options

Co:Writer display is fuzzy and distorted on my Windows Tablet running Windows 8.1

The DPI settings are set too high. For some Windows 8.1 tablets and you will need to Disable DPI Virtualization for the application. Steps to Resolve:1. Right-click the application’s shortcut and click Properties. 2. On the Compatibility tab, select Disa

How to get to a dictionary page on the Co:Writer iOS keyboard

1. Tap on the dictionary icon on the keyboard.2. Tap on done when you are finished setting up your dictionaries.

Turn on Test Mode in Universal Products

Log into or snapandread.comChoose the license you wish to turn test mode onClick on Manage StudentsNext to the student's name, click "Settings"Toggle the switch to onClick OK

Parent Guide for Snap & Read

Click "file attachments" at bottom right hand side of page for details.

How do I delete a document I created in the Snap&Read Universal Extension Outline tool?

To delete a document you created in the SnapRead Outline tool, complete the following steps: After opening the Outline tool, from the "Home" screen, click on the check mark in the upper left hand cornerCheck the box in front on the document you wish to de

How to use Snap&Read Universal offline

Here is a helpful video on how to use SnapRead Universal offline:

DeCoste Writing Protocol information

The DeCoste Writing Protocol consists of four PDF's. The DeCoste Writing Protocol itself a 430 page PDF The Instructions and materials folder that contains three PDF's: Appendices Background Information Data Form

My Snap&Read Extension Outline Tool is grayed out. How do I get it to turn on and work?

To get your SnapRead Universal Outline Tool to work, complete the following steps: Click the arrow at the bottom of the black tool bar strip​ - This will open the Outline toolClick on "new" for a New Outline - and create a title for your outlineYour Out

Is there an "Undo" feature to restore work I may have accidently deleted in Co:Writer on my iPad?

There are 2 options that will work as an "Undo" feature to restore work accidently deleted in Co:Writer from your iPad. 1- The iOS device has a built in "Undo" feature for text you may have accidentally highlighted and deleted. Shake the iPad vigorously

How to use Text Leveling in Snap & Read

How to use Text Leveling

Co:Writer iOS keyboard does not recognize input from a Bluetooth keyboard

The Co:Writer iOS keyboard cannot detect the Bluetooth keyboard. The input from the Bluetooth keyboard goes directly to the app and bypasses the Co:Writer iOS keyboard.

How do I create or delete a folder in the Snap&Read Universal Extension Outline Tool?

The following steps will help you create a folder in the SnapRead Universal Extension Outline tool Open the Outline Tool by clicking on the at the bottom of the black tool bar​ stripClick on the 'check mark' in the top left cornerClick on the 'arrow' in

How to create a topic dictionary in Co:Writer iOS app

While in the iOS app writing, click the book at the top of the screen and type your topic in the search bar.

Saving speech settings in Write:OutLoud

Check the Permissions on the Don Johnston folder. Make sure the user logged into the computer has at least read and write permission's to the folder.. Without write permission any changes you make will not save. You can locate the Don Johnston folder at:

How to Reassess your students in uPar

Log into your Educator DashboardClick "assess"Click "uPAR"Click "reassess and manage"On the left hand side, find the group name you wish to reassess, and then click "reassess" on the right hand sideOn the next screen, click "next"Verify the grade and read

How to log out of Co:Writer Universal Desktop

To log out of Co:Writer Universal Desktop: 1. Hover over the guess window 2. Click on the In the upper right hand corner. 3. Select sign out

Will Co:Writer Universal work with a devices On Screen Keyboard(OSK)?

Yes, a devices On screen keyboard (OSK) can be used with Co:Writer Universal. See below for Windows PC, Mac, or ChromeBook Windows OS 7 8OSK works well with Desktop, Chrome Extension Chrome AppNumbers need to be toggled off (extension) to type numbers

I cannot create a topic dictonary in Co:Writer Universal iOS when I log in

The Co:Writer Universal iOS app needs to complete it's sync with the server before you can select a topic dictionary or createa new topic dictionary .

Available dictionaries in Co:Writer

1k Core: approximately 1,000 words. Limited to basic, high-frequency "function" words, including key descriptors (big, new) and action words (want, make). Includes only a small number of "content" words (such as boy, friend, hand). Useful for writers who

Co:Writer iOS app - remove user's contacts or no sync to contacts

1. Remove the Co:Writer app 2. On device navigate to SettingsGeneralReset 3. Select reset location and Privacy 4. Select reset 5. Reboot 6. Install Co:writer 7. Select no when asked to sync contacts.

If there is a table in the inaccessible PDF, can Snap&Read translate that?

It can depending on how the table is laid out. The OCR will read left to right, top to bottom so you my need to scan a table in columns, etc. to get it to read the way you want it to. The only secret is to draw the box around the portion you want read at

First Author - error installing on a MAC

If you receive an error while installing on your MAC, you will need to adjust your System Preferences in order to install the program. Steps: 1. Click on the Apple in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 2. Select System Preferences 3. Select Secur

Virginia state testing accommodations using Co:Writer Universal Desktop

How do I setup cowriter for student use prior to the SOL Writing assessment following the guidelines for Special test accommodations? Copy the Single Words 12k topic dictionary to one of the following locations:Windows PCC:\Program Files (x86)\CoWriter