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Single Sheet Order or Stack Order

Single Sheet Order prints 8 consecutive numbers (like 1-8) on the first page and then the next 8 consecutive numbers on the sheet #2 (like 9-16), and so on. #1 will be in the upper left, #2 will be on the left below #1 etc. Stack order will print #1 on th

Successful Fundraisers Hinge On Smart Goals

How did your last raffle go? Were you happy with the amount of money you raised? If not, you may think that raffles aren't the best way for your organization to raise funds. But hold on. Ask yourself, what part of the fund raising went poorly? Was it th

Number Machine Pro: PDF artwork prints out black

When I print myPDF some of the artwork is black. How do I correct this issue? This problem can easily be fixed by opening the PDF​ in Illustrator, selecting the artwork and going to Object/Rasterize. Then resaving as a PDF. Opening in Photoshop and resa

Season of Giving

The first snowfall of the new winter season is here, with bright, cheer lights glistening in the chill of deepening night. The holiday season is upon us, and the gathering of family and friends makes this a very special time of year. Part of what makes

Help Those Who Are Helping You

Organizing raffle drawings can be chaotic - yet another thing on your already-to-full plate. But as busy as you are, you need to stop every once in a while and take a moment to recognize the hard work of those support people who are the backbone of your o

Springtime Opportunities

As warmer temperatures arrive, a whole new season of craft shows begin to fill the calendar. Spring is a busy time and people frequent shows looking to pick up ideas and supplies for their favorite pastimes. By offering a raffle during a craft show, you a

Summertime Opportunities

I bet you'd rather be at the beach, or camping, or participating in nearly any outdoor activity. But you're not. You're stuck behind your computer and starting to resent being saddled with your next fund raising project. You don't have to feel guilty. I'

'Tis the Season for Charitable Contributions

As this holiday season rapidly approaches, you might want to get your charitable efforts well underway before your schedule spins out of it does every year. So right now, before bad weather sets in and everybody heads south for the

How Raffle Drawings Benefit Organizations:

Successful organizations have known about fund raising through the power of raffle drawings for many years. At the same time, they may not realize the full benefits of holding a drawing. Here are just a few ways raffle drawings have benefited organizat